Cybersecurity in the context of artificial intelligence in developing countries.


Cybersecurity is of paramount importance in the age of the digital revolution, especially in developing countries. Artificial Intelligence , increasingly integrated into various sectors, presents unique security challenges and opportunities. These developments raise concerns about data protection, system vulnerability, and the need to enhance security capabilities in these contexts.

Development: Developing countries face specific challenges related to the growing adoption of AI in cybersecurity. Limited resources in expertise and cutting-edge technologies expose them to sophisticated emerging threats, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Furthermore, these nations must address gaps in cybersecurity regulation and policies. They need to establish robust legal and regulatory frameworks to protect data, ensure the privacy and security of AI-powered systems while promoting innovation and technological development.

Lastly, it is imperative to enhance awareness and education in cybersecurity. Implementing awareness and training programs is essential to inform businesses, governments, and citizens about the importance of data protection, recognizing potential threats, and adopting good cybersecurity practices.

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